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A health cash plan allows you to claim back some of the costs of routine health expenses for a monthly premium. These include dental check-ups, eye tests, physiotherapy sessions and more.

The information here is for existing cash plan customers as we no longer offer cash plans to new business.

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Complete our online form or download a claim form and send it to Bupa Place, 102 The Quays, Salford, M50 3SP

Help and support

Get in touch for any queries about your cash plan or making a claim

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Key information about what you need to know about Bupa cash plans.

  • You won’t need to have a medical.
  • We pay eligible claims to the main member, via your nominated bank account. All claims will be paid to the main member and not to your named dependants.
  • Your benefit year is a 12-month period starting on the main members start date or an anniversary of that start date. Benefit allowances will be refreshed at the start of each benefit year. For Mercia Health Benefits policies only, your benefit year starts on 1 January each year.
  • Unused benefits can’t be carried over into the next benefit year.

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Membership guides

Table of cover

A key difference is that a health cash plan provides cash back on some routine healthcare costs.†† Health insurance covers private health care costs from diagnosis to treatment.

These are some more of the differences.

Health cash plans

  • You pay for treatments, goods or services and then claim up to 100% of eligible costs back up to the benefit limit. This is paid into the main members nominated bank account.††
  • You won't need a GP referral to claim any of your benefits.
  • You can claim cash back towards some of your everyday healthcare expenses. These may include dental, optical and prescription costs, therapy sessions and consultations. This will depend on which plan you have.
  • For Cash Plan 100 and Health Expenses, pre-existing conditions are covered for all benefits.

Health insurance

  • Your policy covers all or some of the cost of treatment for conditions that develop after your health insurance policy has begun. You may take out private health insurance because it gives you quick access to medical treatment. The level of cover you get will depend on the policy you take out. Treatment costs are usually paid directly to the consultant or hospital by Bupa with no cash back claim needed.††
  • You may need to get pre-authorisation from Bupa before treatment.
  • Health insurance may not cover pre-existing conditions. It's dependent upon the underwriting terms of the policy.

††Subject to the terms and conditions of your policy and the benefit limits within it.

You can end your membership without incurring a fee by calling us or writing to us.

You may end your membership, and any of your named dependants:

  • within 21 days from the later of the start date or the date you receive your first set of policy documents. We’ll refund all of the applicable premium paid as long as you have not made a claim;
  • within 21 days from the effective date of any changes we make (in accordance with section 2.8 of the membership guide) and we’ll refund the applicable premium you have paid relating to the period after the changes take effect; or
  • at any time thereafter and we’ll refund the applicable premium you have paid relating to the period after your membership ends. You will also need to cancel your Direct Debit with your bank.

  • You may end the membership of any of your named dependants:

    • within 21 days from the later of the date cover starts for that named dependant or the date you receive written confirmation of cover for that named dependant. We’ll refund all of the applicable premium†† paid as long as no claims have been made in respect of that named dependant; or
    • at any time thereafter and we’ll refund the applicable premium‡ you have paid in respect of that named dependant relating to the period after their membership ends.

    ††Where ending a named dependant’s membership results in a change to membership level and a reduction in premium.

Yes, it’s possible to add your partner and children to your cash plan policy, but it depends on the type of cash plan you have.

If you can add a partner on your plan, they can only be accepted initially on the policy if they are aged between 18 and 69. A partner is:

  • a husband
  • wife
  • civil partner
  • or the person that you live with and are in a relationship with similar to that of a marriage or civil partnership

If your cash plan allows you to add child dependants, they are only eligible to be members if they are:

  • under 24 years old
  • living permanently in the UK

We define dependants as any child of yours or your partner’s. This includes any child for whom you or your partner is a legal guardian or foster parent. Once your child dependants are accepted as members, they can continue to be covered under the policy until the end of the month in which they have their 24th birthday, at which point their cover will end automatically. We will cover a maximum of four child dependants on the policy.

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