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Everyone experiences the death of a loved one at some point. That’s normal, because death is part of life. But the grief you experience when dealing with loss through bereavement can be devastating and can affect your mental health.

You may experience the following; feeling overwhelmed, in shock, denial, anger, confusion, yearning, fear and regret. You may become fearful of losing others you love. There’s no right or wrong way to grieve, and there’s no timeline for grieving, each individual will grieve in their own unique way, but there are lots of ways to find the support you need. It’s also very important to make time to try and be a little kinder to yourself.

This page may also be for you if you’re supporting a friend who is grieving, so you can help look after their mental health.

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This article explores the impact of grief. Also, what to do if your grief becomes complex or it’s difficult to move on as you need to.

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Whether you're a manager or an employee, we're here to help support your wellbeing in the workplace, whether you have a policy with us or not.

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  • Discover how to implement a workplace wellbeing strategy
  • Get practical guidance on how to support your team's wellbeing.
  • Use our range of guides to help support your team
  • Read our informative blog posts covering a range of topics

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  • Learn how to set up a Wellness Action Plan
  • Improve your organisation's approach to mental health
  • Discover how to play an important role in supporting your team
  • Find out how to feel confident talking about mental health


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  • Break the stigma attached to mental health in the workplace
  • Find out how we are encouraging businesses to open up
  • Get advice on talking about mental wellbeing with your team
  • Listen to our podcasts covering mental health in the workplace

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Direct Access telephone services are available as long as the symptoms are covered under the policy. If your cover excludes conditions you had before your policy started, we’ll ask you to provide evidence from your GP that your symptoms are not pre-existing for a period of up to two years from policy start date (or up to five years in the case of mental health). We can then refer you to a consultant or therapist through the Direct Access service. Always call us first to check your eligibility.

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