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We'll pay Bupa recognised healthcare professionals for eligible treatment that they have carried out.

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  • quicker - you know straight away that your invoice has been received and contains all the information we need to process it correctly, making sure you get paid on time.
  • safer - sensitive patient information is secure and visible only to those who need to see it to process your invoice.

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Follow the step-by-step process to invoice us electronically.

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Submit invoices as soon as you can after treatment. Invoices received six or more months after treatment will take longer to process and may not be paid.

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Please use the right procedure codes and complete all necessary fields.

You can search for procedure codes using our code search tool available via the link below.

We are unable to process invoices which don’t use these codes and follow our billing rules. If you believe additional procedures should be listed, please contact Clinical Coding and Schedule Development [CCSD] via their website

Search for a code

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Submit your invoice

You can submit your invoice using any of the methods listed on our billing and payment page.

Or just click on the link below to send your invoice using our free e-billing facility.

When using this facility you may find it useful to have patient’s details to hand, such as their Bupa Membership Number, name and date of birth.

Create an invoice

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^We may record or monitor our calls

Please be aware that information you send to this email address may not be secure unless you send us your email through Egress.*

* For more information and to sign up for a free Egress account, go to You will not be charged for sending secure emails to a Bupa email address using the Egress service

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